Torrentz9 website integration details

Before you send us request to index your website do know that we only index torrent websites that have description and information of torrents available for download.

Torrentz9 indexes same file format as original website.
If you still have files prepared for website you are ready to go!
Just send us contact message here with links to full index file and hourly updated file.

If you have never been indexed by here is what you need.
You will have to generate two files:
1) Full index file - This file needs to be updated every 24 hours and needs to have all torrents in your database.
2) Last hour file - This file needs to be updated every 60 minutes and needs to have only torrents uploaded in last 60 minutes.

We have made PHP script you can use to output data. You only need to configure script to match your website.
You can also see sample output file here torrentz9.test.txt.gz


Here is each field explained and given example:

INFO_HASH - Torrent infohash
example: 092358777175c4306602f9b1b523738df4b4610b

TORRENT_TITLE - Torrent title
example: Bitcoin Core 25.0

TORRENT_CATEGORY - Torrent category and subcategory if any
example 1: PC > Software
example 2: Software

TORRENT_INFO_LINK - HTTPS link that has information on torrent and .torrent download links or magnet link

TORRENT_FILE_DOWNLOAD_LINK - .torrent file download link, if you do not save and host .torrent file you can put value NO_TORRENT_FILE, or use one of free .torrent hosting websites
example 1:
example 2:
example 3:
example 4:
example 5:
example 6: NO_TORRENT_FILE

Final output of single torrent:

092358777175c4306602f9b1b523738df4b4610b|Bitcoin Core 25.0|PC > Software||

All fields are required.
Each field is separated by "|" character, so make sure not to have this character in title or category values. We suggest you replace "|" with space in title and category.
Each torrent should be separated with new line.
Final data should be saved to .txt file and then gzipped.

If torrent on your website is pending moderation or is deleted just remove it from full index file and we will then delist it.

Once your files are ready send us message here, if have any additional questions feel free to contact us.